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Triathlon training holidays

Triathlon training camps & triathlon holidays

For a Triathlon Training holiday in the French Alps it is rare to find such a great mix of Triathlon training terrain in such a close environment. Here's a summary of what you can enjoy:


  • 25m outdoor pool 5 mins from the chalet
  • 400m open-water lake 15 mins from the chalet
  • 1km open-water lake 35 mins from chalet (wet-suit needed)


  • Tour de France cols from the chalet door
  • Flat valley with choice of flat time-trial roads 2 mins from chalet
  • Turbo-trainer (on the balcony…the best view you’ll ever get from a static!)


  • Flat road, river or park trails 5 mins from chalet. Routes possible from 1km – 30km in distance, great for either interval or endurance training.
  • Mountain trails for hill training from chalet door
  • Road with 2-6% downhill incline (for leg speed) from chalet door

And all of this is available within close proximity to Chalet Falcon and Samoens.


Triathlon Training Holidays

We have had many Triathletes who have stayed with us to mix a training week with their main summer holiday. Because Chris is an active Triathlete we take great enjoyment helping plan training sessions, providing route advice and creating an ambiance that is beneficial to guests wanting an active break. Whilst this isn’t an organised Training Camp as such (there is no official Coach) it does provide the environment, terrain and weather to combine quality training in all disciplines and is suitable for all distances from sprint to Olympic to Ironman.

Samoens also makes for a great summer holiday destination in it’s own right, so if you wanted to holiday with a partner or your family we can also guarantee them an outstanding time too. Take a look at our main Summer Holiday page for more information or drop us an e-mail if you want more information on what is available in and around Samoens

Why not do a Triathlon event on your holiday?

There are several Triathlons in the local area, generally covering both Sprint and Olympic distances.

One of Europe’s most spectacular Triathlons takes place every year on the last Sunday in August. Based at Lac Passey,  the Mont Blanc Triathlon is an Olympic distance event with few rivals. Don’t expect to set a Personal Best as the bike includes 440m of ascent, but for a never-to-forget experience it’s hard to beat. (If you look closely at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 results you’ll see your chalet host Chris in the Olympic distance race).

Contact us for more details or get more info at the event web sites –

29th June 2014: Annecy triathlon

6th July 2014: Machilly Triathlon

24th August 2014: Mont-blanc Triathlon

23rd – 24th August 2014: Lausanne Triathlon

7th September 2014:  Aix-les-bains Triathlon


We’d like your feedback and your views on your Triathlon training holiday, so feel free to add your comments for all others to see.

  1. 28 June 2010

    A superb base for Tri training with the backdrop of Tour de France cycle climbs. Superb service from our hosts as well!

  2. 28 June 2010

    Cracking training, I can’t wait for my next race now. Thanks for all your help, advice and of course a fab summer holiday!

  3. 28 June 2011

    Roll on that Ironman…. can’t wait to get at it now.

  4. 28 July 2011
    Mark & Karen

    We’ve had the best training week ever, great terrain with spectacular views. And a fantastic chalet with fab food! Many thanks to you both

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